Detoxification is the process of removing accumulated toxins in a certain period of time. This detoxifying diet seems to have been made public of a celebrity that followed it to lose a few pounds.
bowtrolDetoxifying diet based on lemonade help remove any accumulated materials that clog your colon. Colon is the natural cleansing system of the body so he is seeking to extract nutrients from waste material. A clogged colon cleaning can have negative effects on the body and resulting in weight gain and other health problems.
From this diet based on liquids are: lime juice (lime), water, paprika and maple syrup, plus natural laxatives such as salt water, mint and other herbal teas.
This diet should be kept at least 10 days, in this time the body eliminates impurities and toxins. Even though there are plenty of diet products already on the market based on lemon, it is very easy to prepare at home and much safer for use all natural, no preservatives and additives things. In the diet was introduced Bowtrol. Bowtrol is as a special product to help digestion, reduce bloating and colon health. Bowtrol acts as a colon cleanser, so it helps reduce the number of your pounds.
Fresh lemons – squeeze lemons in a mixer to get the juice. In their absence, you can use lime juice.
Maple syrup – contains essential vitamins and nutrients that keep your body healthy, it is rich in potassium and calcium, and is a valuable source of B1 vitamin and iron.
Paprika – helps eliminate waste matter, dividing it into pieces. Acts as a scrubber and airways.
Purified Water – uncontaminated water with no mineral or other ingredient is one of the key elements of detoxifying diet. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated and to stimulate the intestinal tract.
In addition, if you add a laxative tea, it will help to eliminate waste in the absence of fiber in the diet. Peppermint and ginger teas are best for this purpose.
Recipe of detoxifying diet based on lemon:
For a glass of detoxifying lemonade you need:
a tablespoon of naturally maple syrup
a tablespoon of lemon juice
a teaspoon of paprika
250 ml of purified water

Mix these ingredients and drink served at room temperature. During the diet you must consume about 6-8 glasses daily.
Some of the instructions detoxifying diet includes exercise, especially lifting weights. It will help in maintaining muscle after weight loss. Remember that this diet gives temporary results for weight loss. To maintain or continue weight loss of your pounds should continue with exercise and a healthy diet.
Suppleness is achieved with hard work and ambition. So, to easily lose weight and maintain your figure is not enough to keep diet and do exercise, but to take into account your body conformation and to have a healthy lifestyle.