The first time you put your foot on Earth and have bumped into women, men had a single, burning desire: to increase penis. Although there is no evidence that women prefer men with long penis, the media is full of information about techniques of stretching. Let’s dissect them together!

sizegeneticsFirst, we must mention that despite the beliefs of some hard sex representatives, in reality there is no pill that will give a new dimension genitalia. First, and most affordable method by which a man can get peace of mind is to remove pubic hair and that will create the illusion of bigger penis.

Another possibility, more complicated and more expensive, is to inject fat into the penis, which will make it appear larger for a while. Unfortunately, fat is reabsorbed after a period, and the method does wonders in terms of length, but the thickness.

Finally, some physicians to practice surgery cutting the ligaments that support the penis to the abdomen, which will make him hang at your sides and look longer.

The possibilities are, as far as we can see, fewer and effects – more real than psychically. However, why would a man subject to such procedures when women they care little extra centimeter or a minus.

They will anyway diversity – kissing, cuddling, oral stimulation, so we can say that the skill that proves partner is really more important than the size of the endowment.

In fact, what man want to lengthen their penis? Experts say that it is competition that arises between men, the feeling of domination and power and, believing that they will be chosen over another because they are “well done”. He still let our readers tell us what they think of penis enlargement. And yet we that can, lengthening the penis is made with different devices. A very good device is Size Genetics promoted and very well described on . No pain by this device and is medical recommended. It lengthens the penis and maintain the correct position and is very easy to use.

Did you know all about male penis?

– The smallest functional penis medical history is little more than an inch long;

– Penis size does not influence in any reproductive capacity;

– Two-thirds of the male reproductive system is located inside the body and only one third is out;

– Each test is divided in nearly 250 separate rooms;

– Sperm renews 72 to 60 days;

– Producing sperm at a temperature of 4 degrees lower than that of the body. At higher temperatures not only that production is stopped, but the spermatozoa may be killed;

– Between 150 and maybe 400 million sperm are ejaculated at orgasm;

– Most men need a relaxation between two orgasms during the period ranging from several minutes to several weeks;

– During orgasm, the man’s heart beats 2.5 times faster than normal.