Almost any woman would like to have longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. We make use of mascara every day in order to improve our appearance and to achieve a more appealing look, but did you know that you can get naturally thick and longer eyelashes with one of the best products currently available on market?
eyelashesIdol Lash is a revolutionary product that increases the length, intensifies the color and enhances the density of eyelashes in just 28 days of use. Having a pure and non irritating formula that can be applied even in consumers with the most sensitive skin and eyes, Idol Lash stimulates growth of eyelashes and improves the health of skin around the eye.
Stress, aging, extensions and even long term use of mascara can make the eyelashes fall down. Even more, the remaining eyelashes can be damaged, dried, brittle and susceptible to fall down. As is written on Idol Lash contains natural ingredients that stimulate moisturizing and overall rejuvenation of eyelashes and skin around the eye.
Containing in its potent formula high quality ingredients extracted from herbs, vitamins and nutrients that stimulate enlargement of eyelashes and darken their color, Idol Lash was tested to be completely safe to use and has proven its efficiency in increasing eyelashes density by up to 82%.
During a clinical study of 2-4 weeks, 15 subjects with ages between 24 and 82 years old tested Idol Lash. The results of this research showed remarkable results: eyelash length was increased by up to 25% and the density was enhanced by up to 82%.
Even more, Idol Lash can be utilized to increase the length and density of eyebrows as well. The ingredients included in the composition of Idol Lash improve the elasticity, durability and texture of eyelashes and eyebrows, while they will also achieve a more desirable volume and an alluring shine.
Why spending a lot of money on mascaras or fake eyelashes, when you can just enlarge the size and density of your eyelashes in a natural way? Besides the fact that Idol Lash increases eyelashes length, it also improves the health and texture of skin and boosts the confidence and self-esteem of women who use it.
Idol Lash contains an intensive blend of proteins, moisturizing agents, vitamins, keratin, polypeptides, chamomile extract, honey extract, cocoyl and kelp extract. These ingredients are proven to be completely safe and risk-free to use. Idol Lash will prevent eyelashes from falling and from becoming brittle without causing negative or unwanted side effects. The eyelashes and eyebrows will become stronger, darker, denser and more lustrous.
If you are tired of using every day mascara and if you want to have longer and denser eyelashes naturally, Idol Lash should not be missing from your handbag. Use daily Idol Lash before going to sleep and in only a few weeks you will notice the benefits: darker, longer and more alluring eyelashes.
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