Provillus, the first hair loss supplement to be approved by FDA, is a natural treatment for hair loss in both men and women. It’s a supplement that prevents hair loss by blocking the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. Some of its active ingredients include zinc, vitamin B6, biotin, Silicon IV oxide, minoxidil 5% and gotu kola among others. All these active ingredients play a major role in preventing the hair follicles from thinning out and leading to baldness. So, how effective is this natural treatment for hair loss?

prov12To start with, provillus does not only prevent hair loss, but it also boosts the growth of the existing hair by increasing its volume and at the same time thickening it. It’s the only supplement that promotes the growth of hair straight from its roots before affecting the rest of its operation as it grows. This makes this natural treatment for hair loss to have an upper hand in handling all the severe hair loss cases as opposed to what most of the other standard approaches to hair loss can do.

For a long time, DHT has been known to be the primary factor behind male baldness. In females, there are several factors that contribute to baldness and DHT is only one of the possible causes. By blocking the production of DHT in both males and females, provillus will greatly reduce the possibilities of one being exposed to baldness. This is made possible by an active ingredient in provillus – known as minoxidil, that is linked with the blocking of DHT hence solving all the effects of DHT.

Provillus works slightly different with women when compared to how it works with men. This is because DHT is not the only contributing factor when it comes to hair loss in women. Provillus has other natural ingredients that support the healthy growth of hair as well as prevent all the possible causes of hair loss in women, as is presented in website It has also been fortified as an effective natural treatment for the female pattern hair loss in women as they approach their menopause. For this reason, both men and women have unique provillus products that solves their needs differently, and should not by any chance use the same provillus products for their hair loss treatment.

Being a natural hormone that is normally passed from one family member to another, DHT is also responsible for hereditary baldness in a family tree. This makes provillus to be the only treatment for hair loss that can effectively treat all cases of hereditary baldness. In addition to that, the effects of DHT have been studied and found to be more profound in both men and women as they age and the risks of them going bald are even enhanced further. Provillus comes as the only safe remedy for these ageing effects of DHT, and should be used by anyone that starts to experience hair loss after turning 40.

FDA approved this supplement making it one of the safest hair loss treatment in the market today. All provillus users can now feel confident while using this product as it has also been tested in the lab and proven to work.